Hand Quilters

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Remember:  Satisfaction with the expertise of a machine or hand quilter is always subject to the personal preferences of the one hiring the quilter.

Please do not assume that because a quilter is listed here that you will be happy with their work.  It is hoped to be true... but is in no way guaranteed by In The Niche.

Barb Parker 573-437-5444
3843 Highway EE
Owensville, MO  65066
Barb will hand quilt smaller items such as crib quilts, lap quilts, etc.  She will also bind the items, if you wish.

Renilda Kliethermes 573-897-3317 or 573-619-3371
88 Church Lane
Loose Creek, MO  65054
Renilda's church has a group of ladies that does hand quilting.

Edna Mae Pohlmann 573-486-3472
1708 Bohl Road
Hermann, MO  65041
Edna Mae has a frame large enough to quilt a 93"x110" quilt.

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